New Concept Art – Tales of Thyilos

There’s some new concept art now up for Tales of Thyilos, and there’s more soon to come.

Linda: Our lovely Linda, now looking more adorable. Her appearance and facial gesture relfects her bubbly and playful nature.
Linda’s Concept Art – Colour Variant Linda’s Re-Design Concept Art

Jaden: Looking as determined as always. Never fear, he doesn’t always look so serious.
Jaden’s Re-Design Concept Art

Eric: For those who’ve missed this part of his profile… Eric suffers from Arachnophobia. But who wouldn’t? Just look at all those legs and eyes! (I’d like to take this moment to highlight none of the ToT developers are afraid of spiders. Or at least, I’m not).
Erics’s Concept Art


Progression on Tales of Thyilos

I thought I’d post an update so people knew where the project was at:
So at this point, the majority of bugs and issues in the Alpha DEMO have been fixed. With luck, everything will be good to go for the BETA Demo (hopefully coming out Early December).

I’ll be finding time to make the animated intro, which will replace the boring evented intro at the start. This animation will hopefully contain a custom track made by the Music/Sound artist.

At the moment, the only new mapping being done is a scene which follows shortly after gaining the next two party members, Carol and Bruce. Without giving away any major spoilers, I will say that you need to escape from captivity, but not before obtaining a key item that is needed in order to obtain another, very important item.

That’s about it for now though. Just fixing things up and doing some more mapping and eventing. Hopefully everything goes well and we stay on schedule!


SoT added~

Just in case some of you dont know yet…

Seeds of Time is posted on LucidFlame! It has been posted for awhile, but i was too lazy to post an update. lol Anyway….I have been working on SoT for a while now, dont ask me how long…i don’t even want to know myself. It’s still in the planning stages, but i decided to post it anyway.

Thanks for reading this ^^


Music/Sound Artist

So after a spontaneous meeting today, Tales of Thyilos may now have a permanent musician.

We are quite stoked for seeing how things go, and hope all works out. The pre-sets for RPG Maker can only work for so long, before they’re overheard and boring, and for players who play games created on RMXP, 2K or VX, you’ll probably hate it. A capable musician is a welcome addition.


KoT Time?

Hooray another small update~!
Lately I’ve had a really bad lack of inspiration D: so KoT hasn’t been making as much progress as I’d like it to.
I haven’t really gotten much done on the actual storyline, but I’ve been working on the battlesystem a bit lately, and also a custom evented skillgrid! 😀 it’s still in a very WIP state, but I’ll let you guys see what I have so far just because I love you~

I have also secretly been working on a new opening sorta OwO here’s a teaser of that, but warning:: it’s still major WIP~

ohhhh so sparkly~

that’s about it for now, cya cya~

~Rose Reveries


I thought I might post an update on this, seeing as things have been progressing fairly well since the Closed-Demo release.

I’m going to hopefully release the Demo somewhere early December. It’s a fair way away still, but with other work still going outside of the game, it’s probably going to be the best date to set. With any luck, all bugs will be fixed in the current version and everything will run smoothly!

Fingers crossed for no delays!



After some serious *stabby rip stab stab*ing, I finally finished colouring that lineart @.@ I never wanna colour curly hair again! XD

I know I forgot her hat D: I’ll ad it later T~T
I’m still not sure which I’ll use though D:

BETA Testers for Tales of Thyilos

So as promised, I said I’d have something of a Closed BETA test ready by the end of this month, which means it has to be done, uploaded, and ready for those who wish to test, to download and explore what there is in the world thus far.

The BETA will include:

  • The ability to explore up to 60% of Verdok, the first Kingdom you have access to.
  • Two side quests
  • Three story based quests
  • A boss battle

With any luck, I’ll also find time to construct the cinematic I wanted to have at the start. Depends if I find time for sketching, and audio recording. If not, then I’m afraid it’ll have to be the standard story opening.
Most maps will also seem empty too because I rushed through a basic construction of them in order to be able to get to the eventing part.

I do ask for those of you who do opt to play the BETA Demo, to report any errors you spot, such as terrain that you can walk-over when you shouldn’t, events that may not have played through properly or stopped/looped unexpectedly, and the odd portion of missed code or grammatical/spelling error, in which I’m sure I’ve missed a few at least.

I also invite people to make suggestions about the game. The best one will hopefully not only be successfully implemented, but the one who suggested it will get a NPC version of themselves in the game as part of a random side quest later on.

If you wish to be a BETA Tester for us, then please e-mail me at with the following~

The e-mail you wish the Download link sent to
The potential name for yourself
Application detailing why you wish to take part, and please treat this as a proper application
(we are sorry about asking for an application like this, but please understand that this is a closed BETA for a game in progress, and we working on it are the owners. We will be putting much trust in those we do send a BETA to be able to play it, without ripping it off, stealing work from it, or attempting to distribute it as their own. Doing so is theft. Also, since the majority of graphics in the game are still pre-sets, Enterbrain owns much of the rights, so if you steal from us, you steal from them too. So please be respectful).

Closing date for applications is 31th August, 10pm AEST

Thank you. ^_^


KoT Update <3

hooray it’s time for an update!~
this update is mainly graphical because… well… I’ve had some intense writers’ block lately D:
first off, I’d like everyone’s opinion on something, lately I’ve been thinking of using my own art for the game instead of the rtp styled portraits. It seems like people tend to like custom graphics in a game a lot more.. soo~

they would be coloured of course, but I’d rather get opinions first before I go through the trouble of getting some one to colour it for me^^;;

in other news, I’ve decided to have sideview battlers now^^
yes, I know Eric and Lancelot don’t have sideview sprites yet, but I’ve only made the female template for it so far @.@

in other other news, RG IS SO AWESOME 😀

awesome right? :O
and he redid the title screen for me, since people have been complaining lately that HK’s title is a bit overused


yes, they are both animated^^

in more news-eth, I now have a custom HUD in the works (thanks to a friend), and I’m thinking of requesting a new menu system, but I’m not sure yet~ I might just switch to the FFXIII menu, or keep the ring menu still…
this is the concept for that btw

well… something like that anyway XD I don’t think I’d use that actor select though, that was a joke~

I apologize a million times over for not updating in so long D: I’m working on making sprites for the Relic project, and I have a little side project of my own going too^^; but that’s really no excuse D:

I also fixed up this image too with the new sprites^^ new support bar for the win~

well that’s it for now, hopefully I’ll have some more periodic small updates from now on!^^

~Rose Reveries