Legends from Thyilos: Heroes of the Four Kingdoms

Hello everyone. I’ve started a remake of a short RPG series I once created in RM2K back in 2002; recreating it in RMXP due to better quality and more accessible functions and scripts (which I know little towards custom scripting). The story basis is essentially the same as what the original was be, but with all the extra details I left out due to limitations. This version will also be more custom tailord with tilesets and sprites than the previous to make the world more unique.

So here’s the run down of the introduction to the story, and the characters.

Sorry, don’t have an upload of the original game (which was fairly horrid in playability, fine in story though); and the adapted sprites and such for the characters have yet to be made.

Opening (extracted right from the novel that I have yet to actually get onto since I am working on another novel and need to get out of the habit of writing more than one book at a time.
This opening chapter is going to be an animated piece.

Prologue: The Spirit Wars

The sun blared ferociously above the land as the armies of man raged war against the demonic forces which poured forth from another realm of existance. The Four Kingdoms of the Southern sea raged valiantly against the forces, their swords and shields clashing against waves of demons, never ending in numbers as they poured forth from the Hell Gate beneath the forgotten and dismal ‘Fifth Kingdom’
Driven apart from each other by culture and ethnicity, the Four Kingdoms never stood aligned under one banner to fight off the threat. Only the two lands of Yvon, the small desert community, interconnected to the snowy landmass from its southern shores, forged peace with the larger and lush forest laden kingdom of Verdok to fight off the threat.
Techwu, with its high mountains and roving plains fought under their own principality, choosing not to side with any other as they always had, their idealistic ways deeming themselves more powerful. Their false concept that the dragon spirits of their land could protect them led them to only fail.
Morthet, it’s dark woods populating their forests to conceal their capital city, fell darker as the demonic army advanced upon them. The elves of the land believed that the forests would keep them hidden, and poisonous swamps would delay the demons. But they too were near to falling against their might.
The dark demon lord, Semaizas, consumed the mortals of each kingdom, feeding off their fear, their hatred, their souls, and using it to strengthen his own vast armies. With his never ending might and unlimited power, he held the Fifth Kingdom above the ocean, its clever placement as dead centre between each island, making it perfect for controlling each of the scattered and un-allied forces. Not even ships could make their way, except those from Yvon and Verdok, to provide support and aid to each other.
Within weeks of war and conflict, the Demonic army had consumed what little hope remained in the mortals of the southern sea, knowing his victory would bridge the way to conquering the entire world.
However, the realm of Celestials, which had long watched over the land, sent forth its own warriors in an attempt to put and end to the conflict. Only by their hand had the world been spared and those upon it given a second chance at stopping the demons from ever returning to ravage the land.
The Priestess of Chaos, Hythenia, was most notable. She rallied all the power she had summoned over the war and in her best efforts, sacrificed herself to banish the demonic lord for eternity. With Semaizas overpowered and cast deep in the depths of the abyss, the Fifth Kingdom fell and with it the demonic armies powers failed and were banished along with the purifying burst let loose as the Priestess gave herself to save all others.
Relished for her sacrifice, the mortals of the land erected special and spiritual shrines to honour her sacrifice.
She left the world with a new hope for survival, so long as they did not make the mistake of giving new power to the demonic lord, and break the seal which locked him inside the dark abyss where his evil spirit lays dormant.
But before she died she left more than just new hope, but two children whom she banished before her sacrifice for their own safety, so that they would grow to live peaceful lives.
Or so she would have hoped.

Character Run Down (or so at least a shortened list, with details wiped off to avoid spoilers)
Age: 16 (ending age is 18; plays through entire story)
Dark brown hair, turquoise eyes, male
Class: Peasant (Upgrades to Soldier)
Weapon Preference: Sword and Shield (able to wield some spears/lances and short bows).

Jaden’s Concept Art
Jaden’s Re-Design Concept Art
Jaden is one of your typical adventurers. He’s lived his life in a small coastal village working the farm with his grandfather dreaming of the day he’d be old enough to head out and explore on his own. He finally get the chance to achieve this after coming of age at 16, and he heads of to explore his homeland of Verdok, and beyond.
He will eventually find out that his adventure will be more than he ever expected.
He is an active and charismatic character, easily capable of making new friends, and always up to a challenge. He cares deeply for his village and his friends and family and will generally do anything to help. Though not quick to anger, when set in a bad mood he can become a deadly force.
His only known relative is his Grandfather. His closet friend is Linda.

Age: 17 (ending age is 18, plays through 2/3 of story)
Dark brownish-black hair, turquoise eyes, male
Class: Prince/Knight
Weapon Preference: Two-handed swords (can use some short swords and small shields)

The “Dark” Prince of the Kingdom of Yvon, a kingdom north of Verdok that has yet to recover from a war 16 years earlier.
Milamber earned his nick-name of the Dark Prince because his gaining control of the throne came both at his birth, and at the death of the previous ruler.
He exhibits the makings to be a true ruler when the kingdom is finally handed over complete control from his guardians, Belzar and Milordo. But away from the scene of running his kingdom and continued studies, he is a deep and profound man. He’ll keep to himself most of the time and speak only when he feels he needs to. Some things can provoke him to anger easily, but he is otherwise very-level headed in all situations.
His journey begins when he is confronted by strange dreams that see to call him away to find the answers to them.

Age 20 (ending age 22, playable through most of story)
Blue dyed hair (originally blonde), Blue eyes, male
Class: Warrior
Weapon Pref: Clubs and Warhammers (can use some short swords and fists)

Erics’s Concept Art
A character of strong will and bravery. Eric meets Jaden during his travels, and after recieving assistance from him to solve a certain issue, he decides to tag along and join Jaden on his adventure.
Eric is tough, but sometimes he lets his own bravado get ahead of him. Not much intimidates him, however, he hates spiders.

Age 43
Where’s a cloak which shadows most of his face. Speaks with a calm, authoritative tone
Class: Knight/Inquisition
Weapon Pref: Milordo is well professed in using weapons of a large variety, including newly emerging weapons such as hand cannons

Milordo has served his kingdom for as long as he an remember. He’s seen Yvon when it was prosperous, when it was besieged, and now when it is in poverty.
Serves as a Guardian to Milamber, and in a way, a father figure. He will do anything to serve his home, and his Prince.

Age: 15 (ending age 17)
Brown hair, hazel eyes, female
Class: Peasant (speciality class)
Weapon Pref: Polearms (can use small blades such as daggers. Can use Short bows)

Linda’s Concept ArtLinda’s Concept Art – Colour Variant Linda’s Re-Design Concept Art
Linda grew up in the same town as Jayden, her house being adjacent to his. For as long as anyone can remember both of them have been Inseparable and were sometimes being caught pulling pranks with the other kids. Though the pair do act as close as siblings, Linda has deeper feelings for Jaden, but is too shy to show them.
She exhibits a bubbly and nurturing character which has a way of catching on to other people, even those in a bad mood. She’s simply hard to stay mad at, which is possibly why she got off easier when caught than Jaden ever could.
Linda is a playable character in the 3rd chapter

Avery AKA “Gramps”
Age: 63
Grey hair (though is rumoured to have once had long, luscious brown hair in his youth), hazel eyes, male
Class: Peasant (speciality class)
Weapon Pref: Martial Arts (though just as deadly with a stick or rake, depending on if you’re caught in big enough trouble)

Gramps Concept Art

Gramps is the oldest surviving villager of Myradin. He served as a Captain in the war 16 years ago, but retired from duty to live a peaceful life and help care for Jaden as his only known relative.
He is an untapped well of wisdom and guidance; but he also knows far more than anyone would have expected.
In truth, he is also not Jaden’s real grandfather, but as far as he, Jaden, or any of the other villagers are concerned, he’s as close as it gets.
Despite his age, he is still a very fit and agile man.

Age: 29 (ending age 30)
Blue hair (magically so), dark blue eyes, female
Class: Magi
Weapon Pref: Despite being a spell caster, she’s heavily adept at bows, and as such has skills adapted to it.
Gramps Concept Art

Carol is a traveller, and has been for the last eight years. She hails from a land further out than the Four Kingdoms in a land known as Alaban. Her travelling companion is Bruce, hailing from the same land as her, but with almost the opposite personality. She’s generally a well mannered and organised woman, capable of keeping a level head in most situations and almost never getting mad at anything or anyone. Though she is known to yell at Bruce from time to time, but in a loving way.
She joins Jaden when they meet over in Verdok’s capital.

Age: 28 (ending age 29)
Orange hair, reddish-brown eyes, male
Class: Warrior
Weapon Pref: Fists
Gramps Concept Art

Bruce is an outrageous man. He’ll find mischief anywhere and somehow manage to get away from serious trouble with his head attached. Probably because his travelling partner, Carol, isn’t too far away. In Carol’s own words, “Bruce is a thick-headed nitwit who’d have likely been gutted by pirates long ago if I wasn’t around to drag his sorry arse out of it.” But she wouldn’t have him any other way.
When not busy, he likes to sit around and sleep, or relax at the tavern. During serious, personal confrontations, he can be surprisingly mature and pop out with some words of wisdom; which is sometimes quickly trumped by a bad joke.

Shea Meadth : Dev Manager, Mapping, Eventing, Scripting, Story
Maja Majetic : Pixel artist, VFX, colour rendering
Winson Poh : Character and Monster art


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