Thief of Time

Thief of Time

~Please bare in mind that this is a project very early still in development, and as such, the information is very loose and may be left with some holes. Particular the current World Summary, in which we’ve yet to sit down and discuss name for things. You may also have noticed, that this is the first in he LF series that has all 4 Members directing it as a whole!~


Thief of Time is the 3rd installment to the “of Time” saga, taking place in another time and place with a new cast of heroes whose fate will soon be ever entwined to the series.

Take part in the epic story and follow our heroine, Reya, as she seeks fortune and riches, unravels the truths that have been hiding carefully within the shadows of her homeland, and lead her on her way to saving the world and home which she loves.

Story so far…

It is a time for growing up in the world. Reya, a young thief from an old and influential guild is on her way to becoming a master of her art under the guidance of the Elders and her master-trainer, Erdos. Old enough to act on her own, she’s finally venturing out on solo operations to put her skills to the test to find relics and fortune.

But the wheel of fate is ever turning, and shadows slowly begin to loom on the distant horizon. Following her path onward, Reya will soon find herself a part of something on a far greater scale in which her life shall be ever entwined to the journey of those she meets along the way.


Reya – Age 16 – Female – Class: Thief – Weapon Pref: Blades

Her life as she can still remember it goes back to escaping from an orphanage. Her family as she knew it dead and any that may still exist are gone.

When she was only six years old, mysterious men arrived to take her away. But her instincts told her to escape, and as soon as the opportunity presented itself, she ran for her life. But unable to navigate the winding streets, she was cornered by the men.

However, she was rescued by a single man who dealt with her attempted captors, who then took her away to the Thieves Guild. From then on, she was adopted into their family and way of life, and was trained to their code. She has never looked back.

Erdos – Age 26 – Male – Class: Thief – Weapon Pref: Blades

A member of the Thieves guild for almost all of his life, Erdos has been trained by some of the best. His talents are honed to near perfection, making him easily one of the most valuable Guild members around. He now uses his skills to train initiates within the Guild, and takes on operations with other Master Thieves. It’s not secretly discussed that he may be one of the next successors as a Guild Master.

Erdos was the very man who’d found and rescued Reya when she escaped the orphanage, then took her back to the Guild to be raised in safety. He was also put in charge of her training, and for almost every operation, he was the one paired with her.

He looks upon Reya with the care and attention of an older brother, and Reya herself looks up to him just the same. Together, they are talented duo.

                Madeline – Age 18 – Female – Class: Mage – Weapon Pref: Conjurations

Young and beautiful, Madeline is a favoured student of the Morgana Le Fey’s Grand Magic College with her professors seeing high hopes for her future as a Master Conjurer.

One day, when she was preparing to relax in the College gardens, she caught Reya as she attempted to break in to the main hall and after she ignored her warning to depart, the two shared a short duel and exchange of words. In the end, the battle was a draw and they decided to settle the situation with talk over tea and crumpets.

They were then inseparable friends from that point on.

                Gunner – Age 22 – Male – Class: Gunner – Weapon Pref: Ranged Projectiles

‘Take them down hard and fast’, is a typical method in which this gun-crazed mercenary does his business. When he can’t pick off his prey from a distant, he’s more than happy to resolve it with something a little more close and personal.

Gunner is more of a free-lancing mercenary, working for whatever faction takes him, even doing work for the Royal Army for the right price. But he’s a welcomed associate of the Thives Guild and thanks to his connections, a fairly decent information broker.

He meets Reya during an operation to infiltrate a caravan transporting valuables of high interest to the Guild, but after a mishap, he finds himself stuck keeping a closer eye on her.

Prince – Age 16 – Male – Class: Knight – Weapon Pref: Swords

A youthful and free-spirited boy, trapped in the world of politics and formalities. After his father, a duke, passed away, he was to be taken to the capital where he’d live with his Uncle, the King, until he was able to take control in his father’s place.

However, along the way his carriage was ambushed and robbed by thieves, who coincidentally had Reya among the group. Having lost something valuable, he attempted to pursue Reya himself and found himself intrigued by the wold outside the walls of his own life. He now follows Reya around, despite her coldness towards him.

                Magician – Age ? – Male – Class: Magician – Weapon Pref: Conjurations

A mysterious man without an explainable or believable past. During a night out, Reya comes across the magician who claimed to have been waiting for her. Put off by his demeanour, she attempts to evade him, but finds that he is already waiting to head her off at even turn.

Eventually yielding to his efforts, he explains that there is a darkness awaiting her homelands future, and she alone is the one who will be to save it from destruction.

Still disbelieving of his claims, however, the magician opens a rift in time and space and takes Reya on a brief journey to open her eyes to the truth that waits within the shadows.

World information

The world Reya lives in is a magical and mixed-era like one. Great fortresses like the ones of Medieval England tower high, with towns and villages flowing in and out of the great walls that surround the cities. Vast landscapes for farm and outlining villages spread out across the land and dense forests populate the outer regions of cities till they meet with roaming meadows and great oceans.

But it is an age of great technological wonder too. Through study of alchemy and various sources of power, great fortresses hover like clouds in the sky supported by a serious of gears and mysterious power sources.

Airships, some nearly as big as a castle, float high above the land, carrying people, trade, and military alike from each great city alone.

Reya lives in a large region on the outskirts of the capital, connected to an even denser area inside the castle walls of, [insert name], a mighty capital city with tower stretching high up to the floating Castle above it know as [insert name]. Known to be the most majestic and wondrous of all cities, with magical crystals floating high and around its towers, powerful steam powered engines and machinery, arching and free-flowing designed homes, and possible the largest merchants quarter this side of [insert something about the location of the city in proportion to the land or country it is a part of].

Reya, living outside of the walls among the Thieves Guild, is not surrounded by such wondrous architecture and technology. Her town area is darker, its roads are muddy, the homes are worn and made from a dull brick, and the roofs are a mix of muddy-brick and grass.

The area she’s in, [insert district name], is also a known hot spot for miss-deeds. Housing the brothels, gambling houses and poor homes. The cities military might has a large, brutish looking fortress watching over it, keeping what crime it can in check. The fortress is also a tourist highlight, as it is a remnant of the Dark Ages, its walls are high and thick. Its towers are spread around to offer perfect vantage points. And its artillery has been kept in perfect order. Many years ago, the fortress withstood armies. Now it serves as a training ground, since the fear of invasion is barely a concern. But its weapons are still ready for anything… even firing on the town below to subdue a riot.

Continuing southward, more towns nearly as worn and run down from lack of care as Reya’s area, are docks that line the coast. Ferrying out what boats are still left from the age before the technological renaissance. Now it takes in more airships that are just as capable of fishing, but stronger and less vulnerable in harsh weather as its boat counterparts.

One of the ships that remains is a massive, 2,000ft from aft to stern, and half the length from its base to the tip of its turret when fully extended. This ship, [insert some awesome name which highlight the fact it’ll obliterate anything else because the people who own it have egos the size of the ship], is a miracle of technology. It can float and submerse itself up to 32ft below the ocean. When above the water, it can dock, and re-fuel airships. It is rumoured to have a secret weapon that combines ancient magical arts with new-age alchemy to create a discharge of energy that could lay waste to even [mention the fortress spoken of before]’s walls.


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