Hey! I am known as ShadowDragon22 or simply Shadow.

I currently study Advanced Diploma of Screen and media, my main focus being Illustration and 3d.
I do allot of digital illustration  in my free time, drawing things like dragons, speedpaints, anime characters and other things, which you can see if you go to my deviantart, I have also had experience doing artwork for browser games, illustrating thigns like items, armour and weapons.
I have some experience in 3D as well, but only in the program Lightwave, I will be expanding to other applications soon. Other experience includes After Effects and Illustrator.

I am currently working on Tales of Thyilos: heroes of the Four Kingdoms with Shea, I will be doing artwork for it, like tilesets and other things like creatures or backgrounds.

If you are interested in checking out my artwork I have a deviantart where I post it,


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