KoT Update <3

hooray it’s time for an update!~
this update is mainly graphical because… well… I’ve had some intense writers’ block lately D:
first off, I’d like everyone’s opinion on something, lately I’ve been thinking of using my own art for the game instead of the rtp styled portraits. It seems like people tend to like custom graphics in a game a lot more.. soo~

they would be coloured of course, but I’d rather get opinions first before I go through the trouble of getting some one to colour it for me^^;;

in other news, I’ve decided to have sideview battlers now^^
yes, I know Eric and Lancelot don’t have sideview sprites yet, but I’ve only made the female template for it so far @.@

in other other news, RG IS SO AWESOME 😀

awesome right? :O
and he redid the title screen for me, since people have been complaining lately that HK’s title is a bit overused


yes, they are both animated^^

in more news-eth, I now have a custom HUD in the works (thanks to a friend), and I’m thinking of requesting a new menu system, but I’m not sure yet~ I might just switch to the FFXIII menu, or keep the ring menu still…
this is the concept for that btw

well… something like that anyway XD I don’t think I’d use that actor select though, that was a joke~

I apologize a million times over for not updating in so long D: I’m working on making sprites for the Relic project, and I have a little side project of my own going too^^; but that’s really no excuse D:

I also fixed up this image too with the new sprites^^ new support bar for the win~

well that’s it for now, hopefully I’ll have some more periodic small updates from now on!^^

~Rose Reveries


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