Keepers of Time


I recently started this game back in January, and so far I have a steady fanbase of about 5 people~ Keepers of Time (or KoT as we like to call it) currently has a team of several people *who don’t do much*, except my wonderful composer Jisun Hughes. So, yep, I’m pretty much working on this alone^^;

This game was inspired by a dream I had a while back actually, so that’s why the characters may seem a bit random. Although, I think I really like it that way, because it makes it seem more like just a bunch of random people that got chosen to do something~ I’m rambling again, so let’s get on to the actual story!


When another being breaks the solitary confines of time, the first to know is the master of all time, Father Time. When one being, a human named Solitaire, escaped time, Father Time as usual went to investigate. Soon he found that after Solitaire had escaped time into the White Parlour (his domain) she had created her own reality, where she could escape from Time, and even Death itself. There she created (unnamed monsters), her very own minions with which she used to infiltrate and disrupt the Time Line of a planet called Earth. The Fates tell Father Time that if this is not stopped, all chaos will rain down upon the small planet.

Since Father Time cannot set foot in the time line for fear it would permanently alter Earths’ future, he gifted certain humans the ability to travel through to the different times and stop Solitaire’s mysterious undoing. His particular interest lies with one of the girls he has chosen for this task, a girl from the current present, Rose Reveries.

At first, the task at hand seems simple to the humans, eradicate the Cartes, and stop Solitaire from destroying the time stream. But they soon find that this situation isn’t as black-and-white as it seems…


Rose Reveries

Time: 2011*

Bio: Rose is the main character of the story. She is one of the 4 humans Father Time pulled out of time before their deaths, and took on the role to help prevent Solitaire from destroying time. She didn’t really want to do the task at hand, but feeling nervous around the others, she dutifully accepted. She’s lived a completely normal, boring life, with which she was never happy. She has an obsession with cats, and is terrified of most insects except spiders. In general, Rose is a shy person and it takes time for her to warm up to most people.

Lucy Hargreaves

Time: 1809
Bio: Lucy is the daughter of a nobleman from the 1800’s. Her whole life, she’s pretended to be a little eccentric to avoid becoming the head of the Hargreaves family. It sort of grew on her, and now even though she’s not really crazy, she still acts the same way. She didn’t hesitate to go with Father Time when he asked her and the three others to go with him, she “wanted to see these so called fantastical wonders” that Father Time was talking about. She can be a very serious person when the occasion calls for it, but for the most part she is the self-proclaimed “comic relief”

Eric Black

Time: 1902
Bio: Eric has been a homeless orphan his whole life, but he never begged or complained about it. Everybody loved him in 20th century London, until he was killed in a random shooting. He went with Father Time because he wanted to help people, even after his death. He’s a very kind person, but sometimes on the ignorant side. He doesn’t really want to hurt anything, so he often has trouble finding the drive to fight in battles.

Lancelot du Lac

Time: 923
Bio: Lancelot is a very quiet person, and because of this very little is known about him. Before he was pulled out of time, he was a soldier fighting some sort of war in the medieval ages.

Father Time

Bio: Father Time has always been, and will always be. His job is to simply observe the happenings in the timeline, but cannot himself interfere directly. It is also his job to make sure the beings that exist outside of time adhere to the rules, and do not interfere with the timeline in any way.

The Fates

Bio: The three sisters, Wyrd (that which was), Verdandi (that which is), and Skuld (that which will come to pass) are the beings who control what happens in the time stream. Not much is  known about them otherwise, except that they always seem unworried by what is happening in the timestream after the 4 humans have been sent to fix it.


Time: 2010
Bio: Solitaire was once human, but became corrupted when she forced herself outside the Time Barrier. She now plots to alter the flow of history on her home planet Earth for unknown reasons. She is also the leader of the (unnamed monsters), a race of her creation that can travel through time and do her bidding, for she herself can no longer step in the time stream. The (unnamed monsters) also appear to carry a curse that turns surrounding animals and people to a zombie-solitaire-cultist like state.


This story takes place on an Earth much like our own, but still quite different. This world is a little bit more advanced than our own at certain points in time, giving birth to the Steampunk era, and as you play through the game you’ll find that there may be some things that exist there but not here, and vise versa. There are ten different times/places you can travel to, but I don’t have a description for them all yet. *lazy*

Prehistoric Times (???)
Egypt (500 BC)
France (989 AD)
Japan (1563 AD)
England (1893 AD)
Canada (2003 AD)
Germany (2256 AD)
United States (2956 AD)

There’s a reason for each date/place, but it’s sort of a game spoiler so I won’t say what it is :p

UnderwaterCavesForestAlice's Garden

KoT Timealso, I blame the government ❤


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