Dark Rosa

Hello, my name is Rosa…which is obvious. If you can’t tell already, i’m hardly ever serious. I like to use a lot of smilies and symbols ^^,  I also put “lol” a lot. I can put a few hundred warnings but I’ll just get to the point. lol

I have  been slowly learning how to use Photoshop., which includes parallax mapping and making logos.

I am currently working on a game called Seeds of Time, which will be my very first game…ever. Well….I won’t hand out all of the details, but heres a few. ^^  You play as a young crusader, she is known to help others out whenever possible. She doesn’t remember much of her past at all, not even her name, so she goes by the name of Mara. She went into a cave one day and suddenly fell backwards into a Time Rift. Mara faces countless dangers and meets with allies in order to find her way home. That is…until she finds out about why she was sent through the Time Rift. Now she finds herself going through several different times in order to stop the universe from getting destroyed.

Thats all the info i’m handing out for now thanks for reading my page! ^^


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