Here is a current listing of games in production, whose in them, quick description, and what development groups are working on them.

(in alphabetical order – games that have new content have a green tag next to them)


Keepers of Time
-Four very different people embark on a quest to restore time.
-members: RoseReveries, Jisun Hughes
-team: LucidFlame


Seeds of Time
-The timeline is is danger of being torn apart. Can our heroes save it?
-members: Dark Rosa
-team: LucidFlame


Thief of Time
-Dark shadows are starting to let out their secrets, and the world as it is will be threatened to destruction. Can our heroes find out the secrets deep within their homeland, and save it in time?
-members: Dark Rosa, Rose Reveries, Shadow Dragon, Shea
-team: LucidFlame

Tales of Thyilos: Heroes of the Four Kingdoms
-A young hero will journey out seeking adventure in this tale of struggles between survival, and ones home from total destruction.
-members: Shea, Shadow Dragon, Fubukio
-team: Studio Wisp – LucidFlame


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