We’ve gone an uploaded progress pages for 2 projects thus far.

Tales of Thyilos and Keepers of Time.
Will hopefully have another game up soon to broaden the views, and hopefully very soon, some screenshots from our games.
ToT, and KoT are both games that’ve been in production for a while, so there’s plenty to them, and these will be games that’ll have screenshots appearing for them.

Remember to drop a comment along the way and give us your thoughts.

But while I’m bringing up a mention on current project development, I might mention we’ve been discussing another little narrative. I might also mention that it’s go the green flag for the conceptual development stage. That’s all I can release for now on such matters as the real go-ahead for this “theoretical project” would not be for some time.
But rest assured, if it did actually become less theory, more real, then there’s be news about it, and you could image the motivation of our team working on our first LucidFlame exclusive project. 😉

Stay tuned, followers, for more up dates.



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