Hello and welcome!

Welcome to Lucid Flame!

We’re a collaborative group of friends who love games to the point where we wanna work on them too! So we’ve either started our own, or are working with other people and development groups to produce them. Some our massive projects with big teams making games right from scratch, and some are using the default stuff from the engine (we typically use RPG Maker engines) that we are using mixed with what stuff we or other people working on the game have made themselves.

In the end, there’s games, and games are fun. Right? We certainly hope so ^_^

There’s not much on the site just yet, as we only just got around to making it, but there will be more up soon (promise), and after a while we’ll all hopefully get into the flow of posting updates here on how the games we’re working on are going. So stay linked and please visit again for more RPG Maker game updates and cool stuff!



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