Revamp and rekindle

HELLO!, from the long gone quiet abyss. You probably thought we’d gone dead, but I assure you, we have not.

I won’t bother starting this by apologising by a lack of updates and activity in general, because you know it’ll be the same old excuses.

Instead, I’ll jump right into this!

Legends from Thyilos – Heroes of the Four Kingdoms is taking a massive step backwards, in order to take leaps forwards.
It’s been a long debated decision on whether to halt production on the project with the old RPG Maker XP engine, and start using the newer RPG Maker MV edition. But the only reason for a long time was that it had the inbuilt capacity to export the game on both Windows, Mac, and IOS/Android devices. This wasn’t really a good enough reason, but after a four month hiatus, and some reflection, i’ve started again. I’m hoping, with forced effort and determination, that the project will be up to scratch database and asset wise within five months.

During this, I’ll fix up the old XP version and release a Demo for people to play and get the gist of the story. PLUS, the XP Demo will have details on how to access a bonus hidden chamber on the MV edition, where players can get bonus material. This XP Demo version, will hopefully have a media release on the Studio Wisp Youtube page within a few months. So keep an eye out.

Unfortunately, I can’t give any updates to other Lucid Flame associated projects, only my own. But rest assured, we aren’t all dead yet.

Till next time!



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