Legends from Thyilos, big beasties update

Over the time since the late update. So far the project has been about finding time to convert the dialogue and events into a proper script, and learning a little more and more about how the RMMV engine operates compared to the RMXP (turns out there’s a lot to get used to).

So far, it’s going well. Most the main dialogue from the first area in Myradin has been added in, and I’ve got an idea of what I want to do in regards to what has voice dialogue and what doesn’t. Though, I’m not a hundred percent on how to set it up without having hundreds of voice dialogues crammed into a folder just yet.

The database is now the bigger focus. The sooner that’s up, the sooner I can focus on mapping and putting back in events and dialogue. I’ll be keeping any mapping I do do extremely simplistic until then for testing purposes only.

At the moment, between myself and my lead lore-fact and story checker, I’m diving into expanding the bestiary. Even in the older project, I hadn’t slipped in much more than a few enemies and mentioned a couple of outside species that you wouldn’t encounter even in the demo.
So we’re going to be doing some of that work this Wednesday. We’ve got the concept of how we’re be splitting the creatures down into groups down on paper. We just need to expand it.

Here’s an idea of how they work so far.

First they’re split into whether they existed during the time the Immortals existed, or after they vanished.

Pre-History creatures: Which are all non-sentient creatures common to Thyilos, which will be further divided later by the climate and region they came from. Examples are; Giant Rats, Spiders, Serpents, Chitens (bugs), Wyverns and Drakes.

Post-Immortal Age: Anything that would genetically be found to have arrived from another dimensional realm after the Immortals vanished from Thyilos. This will included Sentient beings as well as non-sentient.

Sentient: Including all the main races that populate Thyilos. Also includes the lesser nomadic races, such as Lizardmen, Wargen, Centaurs, Nymphs and Harpies.
Although you may unlikely encounter them, there’s also Vampires.
We’re also debating Wraith Lords; beings bought forth from the Inter Realm to serve a summoner, whilst feeding off their hosts very life force.

Non-Sentient: Which is yet to be expanded. Drakes may get moved here instead.

Summoned: Which thus far we have Golems, Slimes and Undead. We’re debating whether Ent’s should fall into this category, or fall into Sentient. It depends how the story develops.

Now, there’s a lot of work to do here. And I won’t to know what other people outside the project may think. So, if you’ve got an interesting idea for a beastie, then jump onboard the Lucid Flame facebook page, and post an idea in the comments where this blog post will go.
The best ideas will hopefully find their way into the lore of the world and you’ll get an honourable mention in the Bestiary as the discoverer of that creature. The Bestiary will be made and released with the game.

That’s all for now. New update within the month!


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